September 13, 2021 / Events

We are excited to announce our first field trip of the year to Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia.  Please click the link below, print and complete.  Turn in the completed form to any NJROTC Instructor by Monday, September 22nd.  The first 40 are guaranteed a seat on the bus.  If we reach at least 60 cadets, we will reserve a second bus.

  • Cost:  Free
  • Wear:  If in semester, wear your Navy Service Uniform (Must have cover to get on the bus)
  • Food:  We are no longer allowed to eat on the bus, so eat a big breakfast and be prepared to eat at 1:30 when we return
  • Note:  All field trips start and end at GTJHS.  Additional transportation to and from other home schools is not provided


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June 21, 2021 / Events

To register for NCO, please complete the online Google Form linked HERE. Interested students must register by August 1st.

On behalf of my fellow instructors, Chief Michael Rodrigues, Petty Officer Herman Young, and our principal, Ms. Tracey Kibler, I am writing to congratulate you on your child’s acceptance into the Patriot Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) program at Governor Thomas Johnson High School for the 2021-2022 school year.  Within the next few weeks, you will receive a Welcome Aboard package with important information and the forms required to join the program.

We are pleased to announce our 2021 dates for the New Cadet Orientation (NCO) academy.  This 5-day introduction to the Patriot NJROTC program will take place at Governor Thomas Johnson High School from Monday, August 9th through Friday, August 13th.  While not required, this event is highly encouraged for all new cadets to get a head start and better understanding of our program, teams and opportunities.

While supervised by the Naval Science Instructors, NCO is run by our cadet leaders.  From 7:30 am to 3:45 pm each day, cadets will receive classroom instruction, participate in physical training, and be exposed to each of our competitive teams.  Many cadets regard this as a highlight of their NJROTC experience, and there is always fierce competition among cadets to participate as staff members.  For incoming freshman, they get a sneak peak into the high school, get to meet cadets from all grades, and are less anxious about their first day of class.  This is a fantastic opportunity to get a head start and meet new classmates and current cadets.

The registration fee for the week is $100.00.  This fee covers the cost of an NCO t-shirt, physical fitness shorts, a water bottle and food at the final picnic on Friday.  The fee also includes the lab fee that cadets not participating in NCO will pay at the beginning of the school year.  To register for NCO, please complete the online Google Form linked HERE. Interested students must register by August 1st.

Once again, congratulations and welcome aboard.  If you have any questions please contact the instructor staff at [email protected].

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